Day 78: Repent

Luke 13:1-9 (AD 29)

You are not here on a divine whimsy.

You do not exist under the shrug of a creator who doesn’t care you do with your life.

You are alive because God gave you breath and the opportunity to become reconciled to him.

You are the fig tree of verses six through nine, planted with a purpose and which, if it performs the function it was designed for, would become a treasured part of the garden.

It has become very popular over the last 30 years to speak of doing only that which brings you personal happiness, and tolerating only those people in your life who contribute to that feeling. It’s a good thing God doesn’t treat us like that because from before our birth we bring him the pain of constant rejection. For some that is the profane, self-conscious rejection of our Maker’s claims on us. For others it is the polite, blasphemous rejection – inventing a god in our own image.

Despite that rejection, you have been given the day called today. You are not guaranteed the day called tomorrow. Those who don’t know God have been given today as an opportunity to repent and turn to him, and those who do know God have been given another day with the privilege of serving Him and bringing Him glory.

God’s justice demands that all sin be atoned for. His grace, mercy, patience and forbearance has prompted him to delay delivering justice.

God has given you time and opportunity. What are you doing with it?

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