Day 192: The Damnable Magnet of False Religion

Galatians 4:1-20 (AD 48) Before Jesus came to earth, God made hundreds of promises over hundreds of years, about the Messiah who would come to save his people. The people’s trust and love, evidenced by obedience, brought prosperity to the Jewish people in the Promised Land. However, it all rested on a promise. Countless people … More Day 192: The Damnable Magnet of False Religion

Day 183: Faith alone – not faith that is alone

James 2:14-26 (AD 48) Martin Luther, for many the figurehead of the Reformation, was not the biggest fan of this letter. Today’s passage was a key reason. Luther said, “The epistle of James gives us much trouble, for the Papists embrace it alone and leave out all the rest…Accordingly, if they will not admit my … More Day 183: Faith alone – not faith that is alone

Day 182: Favouritism

James 2:1-13 (AD 48) Have you ever been a victim of favouritism? It’s hard to imagine that everyone hasn’t, at some point, been on the receiving end. And it’s equally hard to imagine that we haven’t all at some point been the perpetrators of it. James wrote to a poor Christian community. Society was more … More Day 182: Favouritism

Day 180: Potty Mouth

James 1:19-21 (AD 48) [This and the next devotional are out of synch – for some reason I skipped James 1:19-27 as I went through the letter, so I’m returning only now to those verses.] Before my time, it was common for parents to literally wash their children’s mouths out with soap as punishment for … More Day 180: Potty Mouth