Day 83: Dumb(struck) Pharisees

Luke 14:1-24 (winter, AD 29) Imagine the scene in the Pharisee’s house (v.3-6). Jesus, seemingly energised rather than cowed by the presence of a hostile audience, confronted the religious leaders with a couple of questions. Sympathetic members of the public were mixed with Jesus’ opponents as they scrutinised him. Faced with a seemingly straightforward legal … More Day 83: Dumb(struck) Pharisees

Day 78: Repent

Luke 13:1-9 (AD 29) You are not here on a divine whimsy. You do not exist under the shrug of a creator who doesn’t care you do with your life. You are alive because God gave you breath and the opportunity to become reconciled to him. You are the fig tree of verses six through … More Day 78: Repent