Pray for Ukraine

A friend of mine is married to a Ukrainian. Some of her family back in the Ukraine – including children – tried to flee a few days ago but because of a couple of positive COVID tests in the group they weren’t allowed to travel. Now they’re stuck.

These are the prayer points my friend shared with me today:

Pray that Gods will be done.

Pray that the invasion will ultimately fail and peace be restored.

Pray for the protection of Ukrainian civilians, and those being conscripted to the army

Pray for the wisdom of President Zelensky and the leaders there to make good decisions

Pray for the military as they seek to defend their country

Pray that the children who will experience frightening scenes will not be traumatised

Pray for a sense of calm, reports of much panic including buying up food and fuel. 

Pray for enough provision to feed families, reports of no bread available today

Pray that the Holy Spirit will convict Putin in a supernatural way

Pray that the conscience of the Russian soldiers will be stirred as they receive orders to attack their neighbours

Pray that those within Russia who oppose this war will be emboldened to speak out

Pray that the response from the UK, USA and world will be swift, united and severe.

Pray for [his wife’s family.] The martial law means any travel is not possible so they are in a dangerous area- pray for their safety and trust in their living hope. 

Pray for [his wife], at a safe distance but devastated for her family and not being with them. 

Pray for Taiwan and other nations who may feel exposed by what Russia has instigated. 

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