When "sermon thoughts" Ruin the Sermon

“Feel I failed the Lord in too much digging for sermon thoughts, and not enough time letting the Scripture speak to me.” (Jim Elliot) I’m currently reading through missionary martyr Jim Elliot’s edited journal – ‘Shadow of the Almighty’ with a good friend. I’ve come to both appreciate and be intimidated by Elliot’s consuming passion … More When "sermon thoughts" Ruin the Sermon

Children Desiring God Conference – Day 2 Review

The theme is the Splendor of Holiness and the approach is relentless. Which is a good thing. My abiding impression…as in ‘imprint’ rather than ‘vague idea’, is the centrality of God’s holiness to everything we should be doing as we train our children. Jason Meyer, pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church here in Minneapolis, rammed that … More Children Desiring God Conference – Day 2 Review

Encouragement about ’66 Books – One Story’

Being at the Children Desiring God conference, and hearing David & Sally Michael and John Piper talk to us about the challenge, responsibility and joy of teaching God’s truths to children, has me more keen than ever to translate that into how I parent, and how I oversee Children’s Ministries at First Baptist Church of … More Encouragement about ’66 Books – One Story’

Children Desiring God Conference – Day 1 review

“You’ve got a skirt hanging on your brain – it’s making you dumb.” Not the abiding memory of John Piper’s keynote, but definitely a memorable phrase. He was referencing the metaphor about girding one’s loins – hitching up the ancient near-eastern ‘skirt’ worn by men and women so that they could run, likening it to … More Children Desiring God Conference – Day 1 review