Encouragement about ’66 Books – One Story’

Being at the Children Desiring God conference, and hearing David & Sally Michael and John Piper talk to us about the challenge, responsibility and joy of teaching God’s truths to children, has me more keen than ever to translate that into how I parent, and how I oversee Children’s Ministries at First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman.

It also has me grateful and excited about the opportunity of ’66 Books – One Story’, and how God will use it to make his Word known, drawing people to love him and to love him more.
So yes, I was delighted when I came to the book stand and saw this:
And all the more encouragement when the nice big pile of books didn’t stay as a nice big pile of books…
Sally Michael is a co-founder of Children Desiring God ministries and it’s reassuring to know that someone who has lived, breathed and taught the goal of glorifying God in the lives of children for 30+ years, sees benefit in this book. 
Meanwhile I’m trying to work out how many books I can fit in my bags while still being able to lift them without injuring myself…

One thought on “Encouragement about ’66 Books – One Story’

  1. Yes, great for children and I too highly recommend it… but also for the adult who is not yet familiar with all of the bible and wants a quick introduction to learn why all of it is important, seen in the context of its entirety. Reynolds clearly demonstrates the common thread of the Gospel links in a way that anyone can comprehend. And it is a quick and easy read! It will leave you eager to read the bible (again).


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