Day 31: Supremely blessed

Matthew 5:1-12 (AD 28)

The Beatitudes are not a list of what you need to do to be saved.

Jesus was teachings his disciples, not non-believers. They are commands, but they exist first as pronouncements of blessings upon Christians already exhibiting these traits, with an encouragement and challenge to exhibit those traits even more. They are an encouragement that as you struggle in your Christian walk, great blessing is already with you and will infinitely increase.

The Greek word “μακάριος” (‘makarios’), translated “blessed” is a strong word giving the sense of being ‘supremely’ blessed, fortunate and well-off. It’s used 30 times in the New Testament and refers to a blessing from God every time except in 1 Corinthians 7:40 where it is translated ‘happy’, and refers to a widow’s choice not to remarry!

Today’s devotional is simply my paraphrase of these sayings be Jesus:

Supremely blessed are those who have an attitude of total dependence on God and absolute awareness of their own helplessness outside of God’s strength and other gifts,

for they live in the very presence of God, now and forever.

Are lambs meek and gentle? Nope. But they ARE cute.

Supremely blessed are those who are grieved by their own sin,

for they will be comforted in the knowledge that they are forgiven and in a permanent, unbreakable relationship with God.

Supremely blessed are the humble, contented and gentle

for they have more purpose and meaning than anyone and will rule the universe with Jesus

Supremely blessed are those whose dependence on God, grief over their own sin, humility, contentedness and gentleness drives them to a desire to be like God and to be with God,

for God will always be with them and be known by them.

Supremely blessed are those who show pity to those in serious need by showing kindness to them,

for God will continuously show them that same active mercy by keeping them with him.

Supremely blessed are those who actively hate their own sin, and even the appearance of it, and pursue a godly lifestyle,

for they will be aware of God’s active involvement in their life and have total assurance of an eternity to come in God’s presence.

Supremely blessed are those who work for peace between people and God, and who actively promote harmony, safety and tranquility among all people on earth,

for they will receive unending, unequivocal love from God and are chosen by him to be his children and carry his family name.

Supremely blessed are those who are treated badly because of their behaving or speaking like a Christian should,

for they live in the very presence of God, now and forever.

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