Prayer for America

America’s got issues.

Then again, haven’t we all.

The difference with them is that their issues have a disproportionate effect on the rest of the world – militarily, economically, legislatively, religiously and culturally. A friend of mine in a historically poor country in Africa told me today that there is a
shift in the false gospel preachers – they seem to be moving from ‘prosperity (non-)gospel’ to ‘self-help (non-)gospel’. Where America goes, places such as England and lascreen-shot-2016-11-08-at-8-49-01-amter on parts of Africa seem to follow. So we all take an interest, and we all wonder what the impact will be of the new leader and the new makeup of Congress and the Senate.

Now that we are mercifully at an end of an election cycle that seems to have been going on since the other Clinton was President, there is a real danger that the next President will be the subject of unprecedented levels of hatred. Large portions of the electorate are likely to feel disenfranchised and utterly righteous in their disrespect.

And while God doesn’t have a horse in this race, his people are more churned up about
the (non)choices facing them than I’ve seen in 25 years, or can imagine ever seeing in a presidential race. So enough of that already, let’s pray…

Dear God, thank you for the nation of the United States of America – flawed and sinful but also filled with millions of godly people and the conduit for many good things that you have done and are doing in the world. [My last two bosses have been from there – it’s gotta be pretty good, right?] Thank you for all the people there who stand for righteousness, justice, holiness, grace, kindness, generosity, respect, compassion, mercy and love. Thank you for those who have those attitudes because that is what you are like with us.

Please give wisdom and humility to all those voting today. Wisdom to make the best choice they can, and humility to realize that good and wise people disagree with them, even when their reasons don’t always seem good or wise.

Please may an already well-run voting system be demonstrably flawless so that no-one has reason to feel injustice is being done or tolerated.

Please drain the atmosphere of the hatred that has built up over the last few months: towards both of the candidates, between the candidates, between voters and towards a variety of minority groups who are feeling especially vulnerable as they await their next leader.

Please grant them wise and godly leadership at all levels of government, from President down to local officers.

Please take care of the vulnerable, the weak, the helpless, the defenseless and the voiceless. Help us to actively love them.

Please help us as Christians to remember that you don’t need Clinton or Trump, or the absence of Clinton or Trump, to accomplish your will in this world. We thank and praise you as we remember that, and ask you to forgive those times when we lose our memories, minds and faith in you, working ourselves up into a heightened state of stress as an alternative to trusting you and praying to you…











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