Make Israel Great Again…3,000 Years Ago

Dear America,
There once was a nation highly blessed by God.
Though frequently afflicted with delusions of their own greatness and with a tendency to think they could do everything in their own strength, God was demonstrably with its people. He protected them, gave them conditions and ability to generate great prosperity, and never permitted them to be completely overrun by their enemies. Yet they were a nation divided. Forgetting all that God had done for them, and seeing people outside their borders seemingly more prosperous without God’s help, they grew restless.

It’s not that they were without leadership – they had had a wise leader although he had given way to his two sons who were corrupt and abused their power. The people didn’t like this – understandably – but rather than search for a return to godly leadership they did more or less the opposite. They wanted to be like other countries who had great and powerful-looking leaders responsible for making their lands, well…great and powerful.

Enough with trusting God, they thought. They didn’t ask God for a leader who would be merciful,

This is what it might have looked like when the prophet
Samuel told Saul that God was no longer with him…if
they were white…which they weren’t.

compassionate, wise, intelligent, knowledgeable, godly or unifying.

Instead, bring us power they said. Give us a leader who will make us great again. 
At this point all was not yet lost. The people were warned by none other than God himself that they should not put their trust in a king but in God, and besides, if they got themselves a king he would mistreat them. He would impoverish them to line his own pockets; he would be more interested in his own wealth and those of his acolytes than in the well-being of his people. He would sacrifice his own people to protect his great prestige, families would be broken as he took young people away to serve in his misguided schemes.
Unfortunately for those people, they got their wish. Well, half of it. They got the guy they wanted but not the benefits they thought would come with him.
Their new king – without any credentials or relevant experience whatsoever – seemed like he’d give them what they wanted, but in one of history’s great non-surprises, God was right. Ultimately the king was only out for himself, always thought he knew better than God and all the people, became possessed of a violent temper, tore his country in half and ended up losing key battles to the nation’s enemies in wars that never needed to happen.
And when a more suitable person emerged who was clearly possessed of all the wisdom and credentials the king never had, the king did all he could to have that man killed.
You can read all about it in the book of 1 Samuel in the Bible (especially chapter 8 re Israel wanting a king).
Or ignore the warnings and vote Donald Trump.

The King of Bankruptcies: Logical, Moral, Spiritual, Financial and Intellectual
…did I miss any?

Paul Reynolds
PS: With apologies to King Saul for the harsh light in which this casts him.

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