Postscript to ‘Britain is Not a Christian Country’

By way of a postscript to yesterday’s post:

‘…Farooq Murad, from the Muslim Council of Great Britain, said: “No one can deny that Britain remains largely a Christian country, with deep historical and structural links with the established Church. The 2011 census indicates that more than 60 per cent of the English self-identify as Christian. We respect that.”‘

Islam is a culturally expansionist religion, but not an evangelistic one. When a country is deemed Islamic it is critically important for them that the WHOLE country is Islamic. Non-Muslims are therefore seen as a destabilising and anti-country influence in many Islamic nations, and goes some way to explaining why converting from Islam is punishable by death according to the Qu’ran.

The problem is that because Muslims regard Britain as a Christian nation, it allows them an excuse to claim Christianity is nonsense – they don’t judge it by the Bible (or even by Christians), but by the sleaziest and most corrupt elements of society. I kinda wish the 2011 census had been so worded as to show something closer to reality – one in which a small minority of people self-identified as Christian. It would clear some of the weeds that get between Muslims and seeing Jesus for who he really is.

Last word here goes to Anil Bhanot, of the Hindu Council UK, whose insight and historical awareness appears to exceed that of the ‘Offended 50’. He said he is “grateful” for Christianity’s inclusive attitude towards other religions…As long as religion is not imposed there is no problem.”

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