Daily Devotions through the New Testament

Wise advice for a New Year’s Bible reading plan!

New Year, new resolutions, new determination, new hope…same old likelihood that the ship of our good intentions will run aground on the rocks of Leviticus in early February.

The benefits, necessity and responsibility as Christians to be serious, “devoted” even (Acts 2:42), to reading our Bibles can be oppressive when we’re struggling. In early January we may try to make the leap from doing next to nothing, to a plan that involves reading multiple chapters a day in order to get through the whole Bible in a year. Fantastic if you can do it, but that’s a lot of hard chewing, and most of us are served better, by trying something slightly less ambitious.

Enter the ‘Chronological, Consolidated, Devotional Walk Through the New Testament In One-Year…ish, Probably A Bit More’.

Catchy, no? 😉

The idea is that every weekday I’ll post a Bible reading, a link to that reading on Bible Gateway, and a devotional based on the Bible reading, typically in the 350-550 word range.

The readings will take us chronologically from Matthew to Revelation, without repeating stories where different gospels cover the same ground. So we will be reading about every event, without going through every verse. Going through it chronologically will also give us a great sense of time, both in the life of Jesus and then of the apostles, as we weave in and out of the book of Acts, mixing in the New Testament letters.

Adding the devotional helps us ensure that we benefit from what we’re reading rather than simply trying to ‘get it done’, which is another trap of the ambitious reading targets we sometimes set ourselves.

And finally, because there’s no trophy for completing the ‘course’, or medal for never missing a day, if and when you DO miss a day – or several – whilst you’re welcome to catch up, you should feel free to just rejoin when you can.

Let’s make this a year of enjoying a slower, more beneficial…yet manageable walk through God’s Word.

So click the subscribe button, and you’ll have the reading and devotional delivered to your email, Mondays to Fridays…starting tomorrow!

And any time you have feedback, questions or queries, I’d love it if you commented!

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  1. Sorry – I can’t seem to see a subscribe link, unless having already registered with this website means I am already registered?


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