6 Indicators of a Christian, Part 1: What they believe

(These are the transcripts of a series of ‘Midday Meditations’ – 60-second devotionals – broadcast on Radio Cayman in April 2019)

I’m very concerned about the marine environment and the state of our oceans. I also believe that disposable plastics are great and we should use them more.

Really? No, of course not…

But that’s not too different from some people who go around claiming to be a Christian  – they might not believe what the Bible says, but here in Cayman some feel that if they SAY they’re a Christian, people will respect them more. I’m sure it does fool some people, but most people who know that they’re NOT a Christian will respect those people LESS for claiming to be something that they’re obviously not.

The problem comes when we think we can call ourselves what we want and that makes it true.

God’s pretty clear about some central truths in the Bible – the kinds of truths that define being a Christian: Jesus is God and man, he lived a perfect life on earth and rose from the dead, and we CANNOT get to heaven through being good enough, but need to ask God for forgiveness and trust him. Those are bold statements, but you can’t deny any of those and call yourself a Christian any more than I can claim to be an environmental activist whilst telling everyone disposable plastics are a good thing.

A Christian is a lot more than someone who merely believes what the Bible says, but they cannot be less than that.

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