11 Names of Jesus: Part V – Son of God

About half the time when I travel through the US I get detained. Somewhere out there is a guy with my name who’s been up to no good and the American government really don’t

They like me more than they think they do.

want him in the country. So although I claim to be not that Paul Reynolds, they need to examine my passport and question me to be sure that I am who I claim to be, and not that guy.

When Jesus claimed to be the Son of God on numerous occasions, it was the kind of thing people had said before and been proved badly wrong. Most of them knew they weren’t the Son of God, but they wanted the attention. Some of them probably believed they really were.

With Jesus, it was no good for him to simply claim to be the Son of God; unless he really was the Son of God, he couldn’t do anything for us. If he was just some guy, then his death was no more than kinda sad. Worse still, if he was claiming to be God and knew he wasn’t, he was nuts. And not in a good way.

That’s why I’m so grateful to know that Jesus really was who he claimed to be.

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