11 Names of Jesus – Part IV: LOGOS

For some people, they only have to mention their name and long queues disappear, booked-out restaurants suddenly have a spare table, and doors to opportunity that were closed become open. To be friends with someone like that can be amazing – “Just tell Frank that I sent you” – and you know that as soon as Frank hears who sent you, life will get better.

‘Logos’ meaning ‘the word’ – is the name Jesus is referred to by the apostle John in his gospel. God’s Word is a source of unimaginable power and it starts with the creation of the world – by God the Father’s Word the world was created. That is, he spoke it into being, and as John tells us, he did it through Jesus.

That Word, that name, is all-important for all of us, because it is only through the Word that we can be made right with God. If we try to get right with God on our own we are lost because none of us can impress him with our efforts. But all of us can be right with God through Logos – Jesus – trusting in the sacrifice he made.

And that opens doors better than any on earth.

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